Book Cover of Corrupted Temptation
$4.99 - $0.99
by Kiana Hettinger

I know what I am. A monster parading around in an Armani suit. Nico Costa—the perfect monster. The minute my eyes land on the dark-haired vixen that walks into my club, a desire so strong twists like pain in my gut. We play a game of lust that awakens my long-dead heart inside its cage. But I know better than to let a vixen rattle the well-oiled steel bars. No one wants to get deep and personal with a monster. Except she does. At least until the truth comes out. She says her name is Raven Ferrari. But I know her for what she is. A deceptive vixen acting like a kitten Wearing naiveté as a costume so well that it looks like her own skin. A match made in heaven if I ever saw one.