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Cowboy Crush

(Cowboys of Fire Mountain, Part One) (A western erotic romance)

by A.L. Loire

Heat Level: Sizzling!

Cowboys of Fire Mountain is a western erotic romance featuring tanned billionaire cowboys, ripped rangers, and a cast of characters who aren’t afraid to let loose in the sack!

Harmony Creed had settled into a nice, safe life working as an environmental consultant in Washington, D.C. It seemed she had finally moved on from her turbulent past… until she got the call to move to Arizona for an urgent research project.

As soon as she arrives in St. Blane she knows she’s in trouble. Jeremy Wyle, a park ranger with a heart of gold and pecs of steel, introduces himself as the man in charge of showing her the ropes. Try as she might to keep their relationship professional, Harmony finds herself being drawn a little too close to Jeremy’s rugged charms and striking physique.

Things only get more complicated when a friendly night in the saloon is interrupted by town bad-boy Catch Hanson, a billionaire cowboy with a reputation for evil. Catch lives in a mansion on Fire Mountain, the looming peak bathed in a mysterious, fiery glow each day at sunset—and a place Harmony has to visit to complete her research.

Now Harmony must find a way to scale Fire Mountain and convince the mysterious magnate to let her survey his land… all while trying to fight her ever-growing attraction to Jeremy.

The West has just gotten a little wilder…

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