Book Cover of Asher
$3.99 - $0.99
by Samantha Whiskey

I execute many roles: owner of the NHL’s Carolina Reapers, CFO of Silas Tech, and genuine fan of all things professional sports. One thing I’m not? Chaotic. So when a friend asks if bombshell romance author Daisy Lewis can shadow me for a month while researching characters for her upcoming release, I don’t hesitate to say yes. I mean, she’s an author, it’s ninety percent typing and quiet time, right? Wrong. Daisy’s a hurricane storming through my regimented days. She’s as gorgeous as she is sharp, and has a mouth on her I can’t stop obsessing over. And the stuff she writes? I’ve taken more than one cold shower just from reading over her shoulder. Our chemistry is a firestorm, but we live in different worlds. And when our two worlds clash on every level, I’ll lose her forever if I can’t manage the one thing I can’t handle—change.